wilkinson-headshotThe Nameless Creature is the home of writer, guide, and climber Freddie Wilkinson. He believes that any adventure is only as good as the stories you bring home.

Wilkinson also believes in stashing cold beers at the top of the cliff, sensitive hardmen, always going for the onsight, the Socratic method, watering can showers, living it up, New England dirt roads, William Shakespeare and Norman Maclean, being honest with yourself and others, duct tape, and trying to wait until dawn to make the call.  He lives in Madison, NH.

About the Name:

It’s amazing how beauty, once touched, can turn to pain. The marvels of high mountains always promise a hyperspiritual relationship, buit once approached they surprisingly ask only for blood, sweat, and tears. Isn’t it funny that a similar deceptive charm rules passionate human relations? – V. Kurtyka, Alpinist no. 11.